Why Are Elton John, Paul Simon, and Other Musicians Retiring From Touring?

by Norm Gregory on February 1, 2018

in Music


If you’ve ever wanted to see Elton John, Paul Simon, Slayer, or a number of other living legends in concert, now is the time. We’re only a month into 2018 and numerous musicians are announcing that they’re pulling the plug (for now) on their touring careers. They’re not retiring entirely, but this could be your last opportunity to see them live. Click here for seven artists and bands who are leaving (or have already left) the stage behind.

Paul Simon says his upcoming tour, with May 18 stop in Seattle, will be his last • Only a few days after Elton John announced he will retire from touring in three years, another venerable music figure is throwing in the touring towel — Paul Simon. • [ more ]

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