Who’s Norm Gregory?

Norm Gregory Time Line

February 1967
Arrive KBRC, Mt Vernon, WA

March 1967
Left KBRC, Mt Vernon, WA

March 1967
Arrive KPUG, Bellingham, WA

December 1967
Left KPUG, Bellingham, WA

December 20, 1967
Arrive KJRB, Spokane, WA

February 22, 1969
Left KJRB, Spokane, WA

February 26, 1969
Arrive KJR, Seattle, WA

July 1974
Left KJR, Seattle, WA

September 1974
Arrive KZOK, Seattle, WA

June 1979
Left KZOK, Seattle, WA

June 1979
Arrive KQFM, Portland, OR

April 11 1980
Left KQFM, Portland, OR

April 1980
Arrive KZOK, Seattle, WA

August 1981
Left KZOK, Seattle, WA

September 1981
Arrive KJR, Seattle, WA

August 1983
Left KJR, Seattle, WA

January 20 1984
Arrive KOMO, Seattle, WA

May 20 1994
Left KOMO, Seattle, WA

July 14 1994
Arrive KJR-FM, Seattle, WA

April 24 2000
Left KJR-FM, Seattle, WA

Who Is Norm Gregory?

Norm grew up in Seattle, Washington, USA. Went to Roosevelt High School in Seattle and graduated college at Western Washington in Bellingham. Norm’s first full time radio job was at KBRC in Mt. Vernon, WA in early 1967. A month later he was at KPUG, Bellingham, WA; nine months later Norm was in Spokane, WA at KJRB.

Norm’s Seattle Radio History

In early 1969, Norm arrived at KJR AM, Seattle, first doing early evenings and then afternoons. In 1975, Norm went to KZOK AM/FM; at the time the station was less then a year old. Norm served as KZOK Program Director from 1976-79. Then off to Portland (KQFM/Q100) for ten months. Back to KZOK in early 1980 as station manager. That lasted until August 1981. After a brief two year return stint at KJR (again doing afternoons), Norm landed the afternoon full service program at KOMO, Seattle (1984 to 1994, being Program Director 1989-92). In July, 1994, Norm joined the new KJR-FM, as Program Director and afternoon air personality. In September, 1997, as the station was sliding out of The Greatest Hits of The ’70s, Norm slide out of the PD job and filled in on the morning shift following the departure of Charlie (Brown) & Ty (Flint). Between early March, 1998 and late April 2000, Norm did the weekday afternoon shift at KJR-FM. His last shift (3 p.m. – 7 p.m.) at 95.7, KJR-FM, was on April 24, 2000. [ See Bill Virgin’s April 27, 2000 column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ]

Norm Since 2000

After 33 years of being on the air, in April 2000 Norm found himself not on the radio. He didn’t go looking for another radio job, but continued working on several web projects, including maintaining a couple radio station webs site full time. During the summer of 2001 Norm was approach by an Olympia Washington station and on November 1, 2001 Norm returned to the air . . . doing the morning show on “Classic Hits For The South Sound,” 97.7 The Eagle. [ See Bill Virgin’s November 21, 2001 column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ] The show was done on his home computer! Wow . . a dream come true for Norm: doing an air shift and not messing up his lifestyle.

Norm Retires

The remote gig lasted until October 2003 when The Eagle folks finally realized the benefits of having a morning man actually located in the market (Olympia is some 60 miles south of Seattle). Norm couldn’t argue. Norm, now completely retired, says: “To tell you the truth I can’t image any circumstances that would draw me back to a radio job.”

Norm In 2011 and beyond

It’s been more than ten years since his last Seattle radio gig. Norm is still doing the daily show prep.  Many think this confirms he was born for the radio job. Norm regularly posts items here and elsewhere.  In 2008 Norm got hooked into Twitter and he is enjoying the entertainment and information coming from being tied into a world wide network.

Norm’s Radio Scrapbook

I have been digging through My Collectionof photos, news clippings and other documents from my 35 years in radio. The Collection can be sorted:
By radio station: KPUG • KJRB • KJR • KZOK • KQFM • KOMO • KJR-FMBy year: 1961 • 1963 • 1967 • 1968 • 1969 • 1970 • 1971 • 1972
1973 • 1974 • 1975 • 1976 • 1977 • 1978 • 1979 • 1980 • 1994