Which Came First? The Parade Or The Rose Bowl?

by Norm Gregory on January 1, 2012

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On this day in 1890 the very first Tournament of Roses Parade was staged in Pasadena, California. Horse-drawn carriages decorated in flowers made up the parade. 12 years later, in 1902, the very first Rose Bowl collegiate football game was played in Pasadena. Michigan trounced Stanford, 49-0. It would be 14 years before another Rose Bowl game was held.

Is one being held today? The Rose Bowl no longer is always on January 1 and no longer always a battle between Big 10 and Pac 10 teams. If there is a Rose Bowl today it will follow the Tournament of Roses Parade; where all floats in the parade are created using only flowers, fronds, leaves and seeds.

Oh . . . in 1982, the University of Washington Huskies beat the Iowa Hawkeyes 28-0 in the Rose Bowl. It had been 29 years since the last Rose Bowl shutout.

I have been to a couple of Rose Bowls.

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1 Bob Orndorff January 1, 2012 at 12:16 pm

I was able to go to the 1998 Rose Bowl when the Cougars went. It was made possible because of my father in law who went to Michigan told me early in the year when the cougs were 6-0 if they make it we’ll go and I’ll pay the bill. A once in a lifetime opportunity for me. but I wanted a press pass, and thanks to Rod Commons I did get them I was in the press box for a while then wished i had gotten 2 because our seats would of been on the 50 yard line. With the tour company getting scammed on tickets the broker said he had them but really didn’t. He did get them but not where we wanted to sit or should i say i wanted to. A Lot of people payed big bucks for ticket upgrades and didnt get them. They ended up being in the Michigan end zone with Michigan fans so to speak i had to be quiet. , but my father in law had a blast acting like a college student cheering for his team. I still have my ticket untorn as i used my press pass to get in . The other cool thing was it was the LAST true Rose Bowl because it joined the BCS the following year. What a cool place to see a game..oh yeah went to the parade as well and that was cool especially seeing the cougar marching band doing the fight song

2 Norm Gregory January 1, 2012 at 12:24 pm

Walking around the bowl I noticed there really aren’t any really good seats at the Rosebowl . . . even on the 50 yard line in the first couple of rows . . . you are still far from the field. The place is huge.

Thanks for story Bob.

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