Them’s ‘Gloria’

by Norm Gregory on July 5, 2014

in 1965, Music

Recorded on this day in 1964. One of Rock’s greatest songs.

A Chicago band, Shadows Of Knight, did a cover of Gloria and had the bigger hit in the U.S. Only Them’s Gloria got played in Seattle. The original by the Irish band, Them, was released twice. In the summer of 1965 Gloria went to 93 on the Billboard Hot 100. When the Shadows Of Knight version appeared Parrot Records re-released Gloria and it climbed to 71 in Billboard in the summer of 1966. The Shadows version, their only hit, that summer made the Billboard Top Ten. But as I said I never heard the American cover in Seattle where radio played Gloria during two summers.

1 jeffree November 18, 2014 at 12:12 pm

McNichols arena in Denver 1992 I’m thinking…..and we had seats in the 9th row from the stage…..heard the Grateful Dead do Gloria for an encore. Ha!……the greatest cover band of all time.

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