The Stones’ ‘Satanic Majesty’ turns 50

by Norm Gregory on September 15, 2017

in Music


Keith Richards pretty much hates it. Mick Jagger mostly writes it off as a druggy detour that took forever to make because drugs kept getting in the way. Writer/annotater Rob Bowman says of one of the Stones’ most important records ‘for the Rolling Stones, 1967 was the year from hell. Just as recording sessions were beginning, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were busted for possession of drugs. Brian Jones would be similarly arrested in May. All three appeared in court multiple times that year … In March, Keith became involved with Brian’s longtime girlfriend Anita Pallenberg causing a rift between Richards and Jones that never healed.’

Their Satanic Majesty’s Request‘ was the first Stones record they produced themselves. When it came out at the end of the year, it was dissed as the Stones’ weak and aimless answer to the Beatles’ ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ ( Via The Buffalo News.)

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