Joe – Here we have Nicolas Cage being a normal person . . . well as close to normal he can get. Nutty story about killing trees and Cage’s character taking an abused young teen under his wing. Lots of raves from critics but not from me. No excitement or emotional involvement grabbed me. Grade: C- [ RT ]

Hateship Loveship – Kristen Wiig being a serious dour character . . . Hailee Steinfeld has grown up and is pretty good as a teen daughter. Her estranged dad is played by Guy Pearce. The strong cast also includes Jennifer Jason Leigh, Christine Lahti and Nick Nolte. A unique story that is put together rather successfully and does a good wrap up job. I was interested the whole way. Grade: B- [ RT ]

Jackie Brown is not a new movie. Since I saw Jackie Brown in 1997 in a theater I have watched it at least ten times. Hands down Quentin Tarantino best movie. Nearly perfect – - – the cast, the music, the plot, etc. Highly recommended! Grade: A [ RT ]

This is a list of the last three major video items I watched on my home 80 inch screen.

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NPR Radio Comes To iTunes

by Norm Gregory on April 11, 2014

in Radio


‘Fargo’ Comes To TV

by Norm Gregory on April 11, 2014

in Television

The TV show has very little relationship to the outstanding 1996 movie . . but I can’t wait. Fargo (the TV series) comes to the FX network on April 15th.

In the cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Bob Odenkirk, Oliver Platt among others.