The $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill

by Norm Gregory on December 14, 2014

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As you might have heard the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending package which funds most government activities through the end of fiscal year 2014 passed it’s Senate hurdle (72 yes to 26 no).

Our two Washington state senators voted yes. Disappointing. As President Obama pointed out this is the kind compromise on which out government is based. Basically untouched was the Affordable Care Act (but there’s no new money for it) and Obama’s immigration moves. But monitoring and safeguards against banking institutions were curtailed. I heard Citibank actually wrote that part of the spending package. The bill would dramatically expand the amount of money that wealthy political donors could inject into the national parties. The spending bill blocks the Environmental Protection Agency from applying the law to certain farm ponds and irrigation ditches. The Washington Post breaks in down.

The Senator from Vermont summed up my position.



A Darlene Love ‘Christmas’ Mash-Up

by Norm Gregory on December 13, 2014

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While we wait for this year’s appearance . . . which will be her last appearance. Take a look at this.

I am going miss this annual event. I have been a fan of Darlene Love since those Phil Spector singles in 1963.


Friday 12 December 2014 Chatter

by Norm Gregory on December 12, 2014

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