Philadelphia Radio In 1969

by Norm Gregory on November 30, 2013

in 1969, Radio Scrapbook

The only regret I have when it comes to living Seattle for the last 60 years is that I missed this kind of radio.

Make to at least the newscast at 14:50.

I don’t think there is one down tempo or mellow song on the WHAT playlist.

1 Dan Packard December 2, 2013 at 7:36 am

WHAT, like an amped up version KYAC Seattle. I loved listening to those soul stations. I remember driving into San Francisco in the early 1980’s. Besides hearing the magic of KFRC and KGO, all soul KDIA from Oakland was belting out “Let it Whip” by the Dazz Band accompanied by the coolest sounding and in-rhythm jock ever.

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