Norm Gregory Radio Scrapbook: My First Contact with Radio, 1961

by Norm Gregory on September 13, 2011

in 1961, Radio Scrapbook

As a kid growing up in Seattle I loved listening to the radio and was a big fan of most pop / rock / R&B music. But I never called a radio station; never entered a radio contest or got involved with any radio promotion. But I did write to the Program Director at KAYO radio in the spring of 1961. I don’t remember what a “Jr. DJ” was . . . I must have heard about it on the station (KAYO was, until 1963 a rocking’ top forty — with more of an east coast sound which made them unique — the first time I heard Pat O’Day on the radio was on KAYO a couple years earlier). Maybe today a “Jr. DJ” would be call an “intern.” I did go to KAYO and meet with Mr. White. I don’t remember anything that was discussed but I remember where the station was . . . the KAYO building, with it’s tower along side, was down on 4th Avenue South . . just a few doors north of Andy’s Dinner (which closed in January 2008). I never became a “Jr. DJ” . . . this was my junior year at Roosevelt High School . . . probably because I was busy most days after school playing football / basketball / baseball, etc. So my entrance into commercial radio was delayed until after college. But this memo is the first document which shows my interest in radio. [ Click on image to get a big view ] .

The Doxie scanner was used to create a digital copy of this official radio document.
Scrapebook KAYOmemo 1961 510


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