Norm Gregory Radio Scrapbook: KZOK and Local Music, 1977

by Norm Gregory on January 23, 2012

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Being involved in and promoting the local Seattle music scene I thought was important for the station in the 1970s. A significant portion of KZOK’s audience supported local bands and the clubs the featured the various musical acts in the Pacific Northwest. We all were trying to find the next Heart . . . the next group that would break out nationally. When I was at KZOK we did many promotions and live broadcasts from the local music scene. In truth we didn’t really play many records made locally. First there weren’t many. The number of recording studios you could count on one hand and, unlike to today, there were significant expenses involved. Plus I didn’t think it advisable to play a song just because if was from a local band. The record had to match the calibre of the rest of the music on the station.

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Striker manager John Straw, remembers . . .


Hi Norm, yes, long time and lots to talk about someday.

I have seen some of the postings and while having had the pleasure of relating to most of it, in that I was in the area for much of the time, and I had peripheral involvement in some of those promotions, I wondered if you’d get to any of the Randle/Rosburg aka Striker stuff. We did various radio interviews hyping it and then the live broadcasts. I know you were sticking your neck out, but I also remember the PD of rival KISW, I can’t recall his name, telling me at a lunch one day, it was one of the best radio promo bits he’d ever come across.

Further, we helped to set stage for all of the the attention Seattle received in the following decade. Disappointing that the band imploded, but for a time, they kicked ass.

In that photo on stage right, to your right as you’re facing out is Scott Rosburg, Rick Randle with his head turned and Rick Ramirez to your left. The gig was at the Aquarius ne Parkers. The exact date I can’t recall, but fun to see the photos.

None of the players went on to any great success following that. Scott played with Randy Hansen when Randy foolishly thought he could do his own material rather than the Hendrix stuff. He had a deal with Capitol that went nowhere. I have stories about that for another time. Randle played around with various groups and went back to San Diego. Ramirez fought drug charges and wound up in LA in a forgettable band in a deal with Neil Bogart that was stillborn. All talented guys, all better off together, but all, in the end, impossible……

The record was good. The demo we got the deal on was better, but Clive insisted on his producer who beat them to death in the studio and neutralized much of the energy in doing so. Not an uncommon story.

It’s great to be in touch. I get to Seattle from time to time, having left in the winter of 82/83. I now live 9 months of the year in Puerto Vallarta where I have a fine art gallery, The Loft Galeria, and the remainder of my time I spend in California, mostly Santa Barbara. I also am the curator of art and editor of opinion for A virtual business I can work from anyplace.

That’s enough for now, I think. Again nice to hear from you and I’ll catch you on the flip-side….


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