Norm Gregory Radio Scrapbook: KOMO Radio, March 18, 1994 (Audio)

by Norm Gregory on March 18, 2012

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Here is my KOMO AM-1000 afternoon program, on this day, a Friday, 18 years ago. I gotta admit I enjoyed listening. This is pretty much me at the top of my game.

On this KOMO Big Afternoon Broadcast we are talking about: The weather: Snow in the north end, heavy hail in Kirkland, lightning and thunder in Redmond and sunny in the southend. Spring officially arrives in two days. Days are now two hours longer than they were in December • Only Arizona is surviving in the NCAA tournament. WSU and UCLA, previously #1 in the nations, have lost in the opening round. • Your dog and/or cat may be attracted to anti-freeze • Steve Pool says we have a classic convergence zone going on. Weather north of 520 bridge it’s winter; south of the bridge it’s spring weather. • Our Listen At Work game is played with a team from Skyline Windows in north Seattle and they go for a big win, the championship, on this Friday • Tonya Harding shows up at Portland courthouse for her mug shots • SAT tests tomorrow for the kids – math questions are no longer multiple choices • I talk to a guy in Barrow Alaska about the length of their days. Their endless nights ended January 24th. • Slot machines arrive at an eastern Washington Indian casino • In the Five Seconds game I look for 5 teams in the Men’s NCAA Basketball tournament.

On the Big Afternoon Broadcast: Lan Archer with news, Ted Potter in the KOMO Air Patrol and Steve Pool in the KOMO Weather Center.

KOMO, Norm Gregory, March 18, 1994

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