Norm Gregory Radio Scrapbook: KOMO Radio Chelan Remote May 1991

by Norm Gregory on April 14, 2012

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The Chelan County Visitors Bureau sponsored a KOMO Radio remote broadcast in the spring of 1991. Below is a very short video clip showing where I was situation on the shore of Lake Chelan at Caravel Waterfront Resort. I visited, on the air, with local personalities, folks from Leavenworth, Wenatchee and Chelan including KZOI, Radio Lake Chelan (**), staff members. The idea was to promote the wonderful recreational offerings in the county. The actual broadcast was a rather routine, by the numbers, remote.

However . . .

The next day driving out of town I was listening to KOZI radio and was rather surprised to hear the station playing back segments of my KOMO broadcast from day before on the air. Having access to the satellite link, they had recorded the whole thing . . . and now were playing my interviews and comments about their town and county, etc. They would comment on my comments plus run thru my radio history, and my association with the area over the years. It was one of my most bizarre radio experiences. I had to pull the car over before I drove out of range of the station so I could listen to this air-check session of my KOMO broadcast on KOZI. I wish I had tape.

(** Station owner, at the time, Jerry Isenhardt and I had been long time acquaintances . . . I have had a time share condo in Chelan since the early 1980’s. I would often drop by the station during my August week at the Lake. Jerry would put me on the air and we’d chat about just about anything, including radio history and my experiences at KJR and KZOK, etc. This kind of radio was vastly different than “big city” radio. I had preliminary discussions with Jerry about buying KOZK in the late ’80s. It was a little gold mine . . . but I would have to live in Chelan and really be involved the community. I just couldn’t see myself going to those Kiwanis luncheons, etc.)

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