New On The Internet ‘Jet City Stream’ From Seattle

by Norm Gregory on April 11, 2012

in Radio

For decades, I pondered about how a radio format based on Seattle music would do in Seattle. So much great music has come from the Pacific Northwest. From the Ventures and Fleetwoods to Hendrix, Heart to Nirvana, Pearl Jam to Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie to today’s Shabazz Palaces. But in context of commercial broadcasting there just aren’t enough hits. Jet City Stream is proving it.

But it’s a different landscape today. Maybe they don’t need a 5 share. Over the air an FM station playing all this unfamiliar music would be on a suicide mission. . . at best giving KEXP some competition. The Jet City format breaks all the conventional radio rules. A wild mix of tempos and genres.

It’s only day one for the new stream “featuring a playlist of the best of Seattle’s music scene from the past and present as well as music from touring artists coming to the area.” I will continue to listen. I am not only interested in the music mix but curious about what their business plan could be. They list a sales staff but are on the air touting no commercial breaks.

Oh . . and they need a iOS device app.

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