Neil Young on His New Album, Trump, Pono, Dakota Pipeline

by Norm Gregory on December 12, 2016

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Neil Young has a near-religious faith in the power of spontaneity, from the first-draft, one-take brilliance of his best songs to the jagged path of his career as a whole. His urgent, political, occasionally jarring (there are some heavily AutoTuned vocals and computer voices) new album, December 9th’s Peace Trail, pushes that ethos to the max. 

‘I would just get up in the morning,’ says Young, who spent about a week recording the album with veteran drummer Jim Keltner and session bassist Paul Bushnell, ‘and pick up my guitar and whatever I did, that was it. I built a song right on that and just wrote about what was on my mind. I’ve done a lot of records, made a lot of songs, played a lot of guitars, so I just trust myself, you know. I figure if I can’t do it by now, why I am even bothering to try?’ (Via Rolling Stone.)

Neil Young Working on Pono Hi-Fi Streaming Service | Pitchfork

Neil Young: Peace Trail review – creatively loose protest songs

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