My Amazon Echo

What is an Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a voice command device from with functions including question answering, playing music and controlling smart devices. The device consists of a 9.25-inch tall cylinder speaker with a seven-piece microphone array, speakers that include a woofer/tweeter and a remote control. The device responds to the name “Alexa”, however this “wake word” can be changed by the user (to one other choice at present: “Amazon”). Amazon had been developing Echo for at least four years.

I’ve had my Amazon Echo since December 2014. It has proven to be permanent part of my everyday life. As a source of information (local weather, news, answering all kinds of questions). Playing music (I have uploaded tunes, built many playlists), Reading Audible books and as an easy to ‘pair’ Bluetooth speaker.

I now own three Amazon Echos . . for three different rooms.

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