Judge Settles Long Family Feud Over Jimi Hendrix’s Estate

by Norm Gregory on March 25, 2017

in Music

Ending one chapter in a long and bitter family feud over the estate of the rock legend Jimi Hendrix, a judge here ruled Friday that Mr. Hendrix’s stepsister and her cousin had mismanaged his estate.

But the ruling, coming after a colorful seven-week trial that drew many Hendrix fans to a courthouse in downtown Seattle, Mr. Hendrix’s hometown, was also a blow to his brother, Leon. At issue in the case was the will of their father, Al, who received the rock star’s money after Jimi Hendrix died without a will in 1970 in London.

Leon Hendrix was seeking to overturn his father’s will and gain control of about a quarter of the $80 million estate.

Judge Jeffrey M. Ramsdell of King County Superior Court ruled that Leon Hendrix was not entitled to anything from his father’s will, other than a single gold record left to him when his father died in 2002.” (Via The New York Times.)


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