Joe Walsh on the Future of the Eagles

by Norm Gregory on July 31, 2017

in Music

How are Eagles rehearsals going?
We’ve got some new blood. We all know the songs pretty good, but we just have to run the drill. It’s like being an athlete and doing the reps to get into shape. The new guys [Deacon Frey and Vince Gill] have to get to the point where it’s automatic or it’s transparent.

It must be bittersweet to be playing without Glenn [Frey].
There’s all kings of feelings mixed in, but I think we’re gonna be really good.

How is Glenn’s son Deacon doing?
He’s great. He’s never done this. He has no attitude whatsoever. He just shows up and does it. I wish more of us could be like that.”

(The whole interview via Rolling Stone.)

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