Killer Revealed in the Last Episode of ‘Forbrydelsen’

SPOILER: Vagn Skaerbaek worked as a removal man at Theis Larson’s business and was also his oldest and closest friend. He killed the daughter of Theis and Pernille because he was sure they would be as upset as he was that Nanna was about to run off and marry a “raghead.”  (The confession comes at about the 4 minute mark of this clip from the final episode of Forbrydelsen.)

Vagn (pronounced “Vaughn”) knew Nanna was eloping because he was told where she was by Leon Frevert – a co-worker in the Birk Larsen Removal company and part-time taxi driver. Leon dropped her at the flat used by Troels Hartmann’s party, with instructions to wait for her so she could be driven to the train station, but as it was a busy Friday night he couldn’t wait long and left.

Leon was trying to notify Birk Larsen and his wife Pernille of their daughter’s plans to elope, but the company phone was diverted to Vagn as the Larsens were out of town and Vagn was second in command.

Nanna went back to the flat because she had left her passport there during one of her trysts with politician Jens Holck, and needed the passport to elope. That is where Vagn found her then confronted and assaulted her, leaving a bloody mess.

Then taking the keys to one of Hartmann’s fleet of cars, which Troels had drunkenly left in the flat, Vagn then took Nanna in that car and kept her captive overnight in the cellar of the Birk Larsens’ new house, which at the time was still being renovated.

Vagn kept her in the cellar overnight as Nanna continued to bleed and dropped her passport, which proved to be vital evidence towards the end of the investigation to both Lund and Nanna’s mother Pernille.

The next day Vagn drove out to the woods where Nanna momentarily escaped, before being placed in the trunk of Harmann’s car. Vagn then sent the car out into the water and Nanna drowned.

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1 Mary June 4, 2017 at 2:48 pm

Thank You! So I got this part of the plot right at least.

Only one question: What did Marten Weber do, exactly? Because he says he saw Nanna in the car? Right? When and how could he have seen her? Or did he just talk about what he had learned later?

(Okay, that was more than one question..)
Thanks anyways 🙂

2 Norm Gregory June 4, 2017 at 3:13 pm

Sorry to say Mary. It’s been six years since I have seen the series. So I can’t remember all the plot twists and turns.

If you find answers please return.


3 Jack Jackson August 2, 2017 at 2:33 pm

Just watched Episode 20 (the finale) last night.

Vagn raped, kidnaped, locked Nanna in the boot and drowned her in the car. Vagn also appears to have killed Mette Haugge 15 years earlier. How did he know that the cops were FINALLY following up on that murder? His impression as a dunce fooled Brix but it beats me.

How Vagn knew that there was damning evidence in Mette’s belongings which were stored in the warehouse where he assaulted and shot Jan Meyer is also beyond me. Was Vagn the undiscovered serial killer as Bengt and Sarah suspected? We don’t get to know that for certain either. Brix and others appear willing to forget about it.

Morten – not Rie – cleaned up the hallway and stairs to the party’s flat where Nanna was initially assaulted. Morten – like Mayor Bremer – thought the photo showing Troels with Nanna (at some school event 2 years earlier) was damning and made Troels look good for her murder.

Unanswered (for me)…Was the dead drug dealer – that Vagn and Theis killed 20 years ago a part of how Theis and Pernille got together? Why so many years between Nanna (19) and Anton (7…has his eighth b’day on the night of the finale). Was Leon an actual suicide or did Vagn kill him, too. Finally, was Sarah just going nuts or was someone (Vagn?) really in her apartment, cut the power to her lights, etc.

Loved the show. Loved how the impact of one murder can stir up so much emotional baggage.

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