David Crosby on Trump, New Songs and a Possible CSNY Reunion

by Norm Gregory on February 3, 2018

in Music


“Music helps things; it makes things better. Just like war drags down everything and brings out the worst in human beings, music brings out the best,” says the legendary musician.

Music icon David Crosby’s latest album, Sky Trails, includes a track the artist wrote for independent film, Little Pink House, which Dada Films opens in April. The movie, starring Jeanne Tripplehorn and Catherine Keener, centers on the Susette Kelo Supreme Court decision concerning eminent domain, a political issue the rock legend says is significant in the era of President Donald Trump.

The musician caught up with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss his new music, what inspires him in the age of Trump and the possibility of reuniting with his old bandmates, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills and Neil Young.

[ The Interview ]

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