Analog Video to Digital Video

For about a five year period in the late 1980s to the early 1990s I was a CamCorder fanatic . . . I have hours and hours and hours of video on 8mm tapes. My original Panasonic CamCorder has been broken for years . . and the playback/record heads, if I could get the thing to play, are scarred completely distorting the video. So for nearly twenty years I have had no way to watch or transfer all this video.

A couple weeks ago I went looking for something that could play these 8mm tapes. Guess what? Nobody makes or wants an 8mm machine anymore . . . tape is so last century. There are lots of used 8mm camcorders for sale for cheap. I think the Panasonic I was using cost close to a $1000. The Sony I bought two weeks ago, “it’s just like new,” was $75.

Then I got the EyeTV Video Capture thingy . . . it plugs into the camera and a USB port on the computer . . . thus turns analog video/audio into digital video.

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