Last Nights Emmy Show – Ignored My Me

by Norm Gregory on September 24, 2012

in Television

Outside of the Oscars, I never watch any of these award shows. But I do check the morning after news reports to see out far out of line my tastes are with the American public. One of my favorites, Homeland, gave Showtime their first drama win. Are they now on par with HBO?

Marc Berman from Media Insights.

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The Emmys: Everyone But His Parakeet
Rarely does a TV show arrive with lower expectations than the annual Emmy Awards telecast. It’s a given that the thing will suck. Even so, this year’s — the 64th — managed to come up short and disappoint. And it wasn’t one of those “so bad it’s good” campy things you can enjoy making fun of, either. It was more like one of those “so bad it’s lousy” things that leave you incredulous and drained of the will to live. ● More: Tom Shales at Large

Emmy Awards 2012 Recap
Multiple choice! Which of the following took place during last night’s Emmy broadcast?

a) Claire Danes yelled out “Mandy Patinkin, holla!” during her acceptance speech.

b) Michael J. Fox got a standing ovation, and the camera cruelly cut to Peter Dinklage. Yes, he was standing.

c) The New Yorker’s valiant television critic, Emily Nussbaum, was so thorough in her coverage that she got kicked off of Twitter for tweeting too much.

● More: The New Yorker

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