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by Norm Gregory on July 16, 2012

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Some thoughts, reviews, reactions to last night Breaking Bad episode, “Live Free or Die.”

It did not disappoint. As my son says Walter is going off the deep end. He thinks he’s invincible after taking out Gus. It did appear Mr White is emerging out of the post Gus Fring era with a new confidence.

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‘Breaking Bad’ Returns to Record 2.9 Million Viewers
With a carriage dispute keeping AMC programs off of Dish Network, the final run of the drama still kicks off with its best numbers yet. ● More: Hollywood Reporter

Review of Breaking Bad season 5 premiere, “Live Free or Die” | Entertainment
The first time we saw Walter White, he was turning fifty, having breakfast with his family, “50″ spelled out in veggie bacon. (“This smells like Band-Aids” –Walter Jr.) The first time we see Walter White in Breaking Bad‘s final season, he’s turning 52, spelling out his age himself in real bacon–a bout of cancer and a life with the drug cartels, I guess, lessens one’s focus on one’s LDL cholesterol—and, most important, he is alone. ● More: TIME.com

Breaking Bad Dynamte Duo

‘Breaking Bad’ – Creating Magnetic Attraction
As the creator and show runner of “Breaking Bad,” Vince Gilligan is charged with thinking up the most elaborate criminal capers he can imagine. It’s the responsibility of everyone else on the show actually to pull them off. ● More: NYTimes.com

‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan: ‘Walter White Is Scarface’
The show’s mastermind on the Season Five premiere, competing with ‘Mad Men’ and the fate of Bryan Cranston’s acclaimed protagonist ● More: Movies News | Rolling Stone

The Moral Universe of ‘Breaking Bad’
Breaking Bad’s first season started with a man in despair. Working two degrading, unsatisfying jobs to support a pregnant wife and teenage son, protagonist Walter White’s life didn’t seem like it could get much worse. And then—like the punchline to the world’s blackest joke—he was diagnosed with cancer. ● More: Scott Meslow – The Atlantic

“Breaking Bad,” Season 5, episode 1: The end begins
The late Paul Nelson once wrote of Bob Dylan, at the height of both of their creative powers, “Hungry for a sign, the world used to follow him around, just waiting for him to drop a cigarette butt. When he did they’d sift through the remains, looking for significance. The scary part is they’d find it – and it really would be significant.” ● More: Salon.com

‘Breaking Bad’ premiere explores the nature of power
Many of the best stories can be defined by the power of their conclusions. In ending, they tell us something definitive about the characters that we have invested so much of our time on. These stories attempt to validate our investment by cashing out in some memorable fashion, which will allow them to reverberate and be retold countless times. Even though (after tonight) we’re still 15 hours away from any such conclusion with Walter White, there’s still a tangible feeling of imminent completion surrounding the season premiere of Breaking Bad. ● More: CSMonitor.com

Breaking Bad Review: “Live Free Or Die” (Episode 5.01)
Season five opens up with a flash forward to Walter White, a year ahead of the current time. When the show first started, Walt was 50 years old. He was a tired and weathered man beaten down by life, stark contrast to the Walt we know now, who has become Heisenberg—a murdering drug lord who cooks the best meth in the entire country. The flash forward shows us where the show is going, and it doesn’t look pretty. Walt is now again looking weathered and tired. He’s sporting a full beard that is gnarled, and his hair has grown back. He’s celebrating his 52nd birthday all alone at a Denny’s diner. He even breaks up his bacon to make the shape of a 52, similar to what Skyler did for him every birthday. How bad has his life become, that he’s spending his birthday by himself and that he looks so beaten down? His cough is even back again, and he has to pop a pill to suppress it. And then there is the M-60. Walt is not only celebrating his birthday by himself, he’s making a deal with the gun dealer from season four. There is talk about something big going down, and it not crossing the border. Walt walks to a car with his newly purchased M-60. This is the price that has to be paid to stay on top. ● More: TV :: Reviews :: Paste

‘Breaking Bad’ season premiere review: Tense, funny, frightening, and ‘free.’ Plus, magnets!
The fifth season premiere of Breaking Bad, titled “Live Free or Die” and written by show creator Vince Gilligan, was satisfying and tense and funny and witty and ruminative. Plus, magnets! Among other things, the opening hour was a caper film as good as any you can see at the movies. ● More: Ken Tucker’s TV | EW.com

‘Breaking Bad’ Open Thread: When We’re Done
This post contains spoilers through the first episode of the fifth season of Breaking Bad.

This season of Breaking Bad begins with Walt attempting to behave like a human being, and ends with him acting with chilly menace. It’s a fitting frame for the major question posed by the final season of this masterful show: is Walter White a man or a monster? Can chatting with a cheerful diner waitress who encourages him to take a birthday deal because “Free meal. Free is good, even if I was like, rich,” talking about Boston’s science museum, leaving her a hundred dollars as a tip, be Walt relearning what it is to be a human being? Or has he passed beyond a veil such that he’ll always be the man telling his fearful wife “I forgive you,” unable to acknowledge the grave harm he’s done other people? ● More: ThinkProgress

Breaking Bad Review: “Live Free or Die” |
I haven’t made up my mind whether or not I’m going to do a weekly review for Breaking Bad yet. It’s looking likely, as there isn’t anything I’d really consider “reviewable” out for a little while at least until Dexter comes back. ● More: unrealitymag.com

Lunchtime Poll: Did the Season Premiere of Breaking Bad Satisfy?
Last night’s Season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad was mostly low-key, aside from the caper above, in which Walter and Jesse attempt to wipe out a laptop’s hard drive with magnets from outside of where it’s being held as evidence. (“Yeah, bitch! Magnets! Oh!”) ● More: gawker.com

‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Quashes Movie Hopes For Series
Well, we’ve just kicked off Season 5 of Breaking Bad, and the question that was on everyone’s lips has just been answered. Which question is that, you ask?  Simply this: will there or will there not be a Breaking Bad film to wrap up the series?  According to star and executive producer Bryan Cranston, it’s certainly a possibility.  However, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan doesn’t exactly seem hopeful (while never actually ruling a film out).

The news that all hopes have been dashed came in today’s Gilligan interview with Rolling Stone magazine, and has directly contradicted Bryan Cranston’s musings that a future movie could be on the cards: ● More: screencrave.com

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