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by Norm Gregory on May 2, 2012

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No brainer: Get the new iPad Spotify app.

If the iPhone version is on your iPad . . just go to Apps / Updates . . and it will install the iPad version. Go to Settings and adjust the “Gapless” play. No more dead air between tracks.

Spotify For iPad Has Finally Arrived With Retina Graphics
Spotify, the new music sensation that’s sweeping the nation world, has finally hit the iPad. Let’s just say they’re fashionably late. The Retina application, which began propagating in the iOS App Store just moments ago, brings the music streaming experience to Spotify premium users ($10/month).The app includes new integration with AirPlay allowing you to send your music to compatible sound systems or your Apple TV. It also has gapless playback and crossfade (DJ time?), search for your playlists, users, and music tracks. It also allows you to check what’s hot and trending, and sync your playlists offline. ● More: Macgasm

Spotify iPad App Released
Spotify has released an app for the iPad, finally giving Apple tablet users an interface optimised for their devices. It’s available from iTunes now, and is free. ● More: Trusted Reviews

Spotify For iPad: Pay Premium, And It’s Perfect [Review]
It’s been a long time coming, but Spotify has finally arrived fully optimized for iPad. But if you’re a newcomer to Spotify on iOS, be warned: you need a Premium account to really get the most out of this app. • Spotify isn’t new to iOS. The iPhone/iPod version of the app has been out for a while and was functional, if not exactly very attractive, on an iPad when zoomed up to double size. The aesthetics didn’t matter that much, right? Because it’s all about the music? ● More: Cult of Mac

Spotify for iPad launches: impressions and a visual tour of the new app
It’s here. After all the rumors, leaks and false alarms, Sweden’s top music streaming service is finally ready for the big(ger) screen. Spotify has landed on the iPad, and not surprisingly, the new app is a no-brainer of a download for anyone currently in possession of a premium account and an Apple tablet, — that much we can say right off the bat. But how well did the company harness the capabilities of the magical device, and is the whole thing worth the wait? We got some fingers-on with the app — follow along after the break. ● More: Engadget

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