Last Three Things I Watched: ‘Man On Train,’ ‘Another Happy Day,’ ‘Late Bloomers’

by Norm Gregory on December 9, 2011

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Man On The Train – Larry Mullen Jr. better stick to the drums. When he is up there on the U2 back high riser no one notices his one and only expression. Mullen plays the Johnny Holiday role in this remake of L’ Homme du Train. The 2003 French film made you feel you are watching the adaptation of a classic novel, when in fact the script is an original work of impressive poetry and unpredictable dialogue. Not the case with his redo. [ RT ]

Another Happy Day – A very sardonic title with an Oscar worthy performance by Ellen Barkin. My only complaint is that there is no relief from the anger and anguish felt and delivered by just about every character. That makes getting through Another Happy Day a tough task. [ RT ]

Late Bloomers – Isabella Rossellini and William Hurt play their own ages. Their characters miss their youth and try to reclaim what they can . . . almost to the point of desperation. Anyone in their 60s can identify with just about every thought and feeling you see, hear and feel in Late Bloomers. Not a great movie but a thought provoking movie. [ RT ]

This is a list of the last three major video items I have watched on my home HD TV.

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