‘Nurse Jackie,’ ‘Tara,’ ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Mad Men’ in 2011

by Norm Gregory on January 22, 2011

in Television

Time to check up on when some of my favorite TV series are returning.

Breaking Bad wrapped up its third season on June 13, 2010. The next day AMC announced that the series was renewed for a fourth, 13-episode season. Production is underway (perhaps you saw Bryan Cranston at the Golden Globes with his Walter White hair cut). The season is scheduled to premiere in July 2011 [ source ]. Reportedly each episode costs $3 million [ source ].

Nurse Jackie returns to Showtime for its third season at 9 p.m. March 28th [ source ].

• At 9:30 p.m March 28, United States of Tara comes back for its third season on Showtime [ source ].

• It’s last season wrapped up in October, 2010, when/if Mad Men returns for it’s 5th season is a mystery. Even creator Matt Weiner is unclear. “. . . the truth is I don’t even know what their (AMC) plans are. We have not started writing. I am not back at work. My contract expired.” [ source ]

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