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by Norm Gregory on December 24, 2010

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For the final list in YouTube’s 12-day holiday countdown, they’ve gone through all the holiday videos featured on YouTube Trends this month and pulled together a list of the Most Viewed holiday clips. [ More ]

The number one holiday video at YouTube shows unsuspecting Ontario shoppers getting a big surprise while enjoying their lunch.

Probably one of my top three movies of the year: Rabbit Hole is as good as a high-pedigree grief drama in the vein of Ordinary People and In The Bedroom can get. Believably performed, precisely but eloquently written, touching, earnest and true. A major score for director John Cameron Mitchell, producer-star Nicole Kidman, screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire (who adapted from his stage play), costars Aaron Eckhart, Dianne Wiest, etc. Rabbit Hole Needs Hugs

This is disturbing. The number of homeless students in Washington state continues to rise, with nearly 22,000 reported this past school year, up from roughly 14,000 just four years earlier. Seattle Public Schools, with 1,139, has the second-highest number of homeless students in the state, second only to Tacoma Public Schools. [ More ]

If you have ever been an SNL fan over the 3.5 decades: The Splitsider has put together a comprehensive guide to the 36 seasons of Saturday Night Live on Netflix Instant Watch to help you find the most interesting/best episodes. [ More ]

On Monday night in a basement screening room in Midtown Manhattan, using little more than the allure of a free cocktail and a passing hors d’oeuvre, the Oscar-season force that is Harvey Weinstein gathered together a few potentially influential people for a screening of The King’s Speech. New York Times: Schmoozing in the Service of an Oscar

Last week, Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of giving classified materials to Wikileaks, spent his 23rd birthday in the brig of the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. He has been convicted of no crime, but endures the kind of highly restrictive detention that’s usually reserved for the most dangerous criminals in America’s supermax prisons. He is kept isolated in his cell 23 hours a day, where he is cut off from most human contact, denied reading materials and personal items, prevented by the guards from exercising and regularly awakened from his sleep. He has been at Quantico for five months, following two months of detention in Kuwait. [ More ]

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution still has a media columnist covering radio: Top 10 songs and artists at various Atlanta stations in 2010, through Dec. 14, 2010. The most played song was the cross-over hit by Lady Antebellum “Need You Now,” which was spun nearly 600,000 times nationwide through mid December. [ More ]

Bristol Palin has bought a five-bedroom home south of Phoenix. [ More ]

A Woodland (WA) man who was caught at a drug store taking photos up a woman’s skirt with his cell phone pleaded guilty to voyeurism and was sentenced this week to six months in jail. [ More ]

Watch the trailers for the top grossing films of 2010.

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