My Movie Review: ‘The Social Network’

by Norm Gregory on October 1, 2010

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Updated: October 3 2010

Am I the only one to note the irony that a guy with the really bad social skills ending up creating one of the all time social tools. That’s the story here. Word is Mark Zuckerberg has not seen and won’t see The Social Network . . probably a good idea. This movie experience was rather unique for me . . . and I am sure for many others . . . I don’t think there has been any other movie that going in I so well knew the real story . . . the whole story. I have followed the Facebook legend over years and I read the book. Playing the Facebook co-founder Zuckerberg is Jesse Eisenberg and he did something I didn’t think possible. He made me forget he was Jesse Eisenberg. (I have not been a fan.) In real life the chatter of these college kids certainly wasn’t as clever as Arron Sorkin’s script made them sound. Sorkin, who also has a very very small role in the film, is the genesis that made all these actors so entertaining. If the success of the sit-com The Big Bang Theory isn’t enough evidence that the techie world has gone mainstream — and — is a great source for comedy — then The Social Network should do it. Special note: The Friday afternoon crowd filled a medium size cinema at the downtown multi-plex. I was twice as old as anyone else in the group which looked like a Microsoft/amazon/Google staff meeting. The closing song, under the credits, was John Lennon singing “Baby, You’re a Rich Man” from the Beatles’ 1967 Magical Mystery Tour album. Okay I get it . . . but I agree with the many who ask isn’t there a more current song that could have done the job. It really sounded like 43 year old musty oldie. [ RT ]

‘Social’s’ $23 mil solid start tops box office

A curious box-office creature, Sony’s “The Social Network” appears more tortoise than hare.

The David Fincher-helmed drama about the creation of Facebook posted an estimated $23 million to top the domestic box office during the weekend. Yet the “Social” launch fell in the lower end of projections, despite showing broad demographic bandwidth. ● More from:

‘The Social Network’ Opens With $23M Weekend; Big In Cities: “Rest Of The Country Could Care Less”

1. The Social Network (Sony) NEW [2,771 Theaters] Friday $8M, Saturday $9.1M, Weekend $23M ● More from: Nikki Finke on

Facebook Staff Takes a Company Field Trip to See “The Social Network”

It looks like the Facebook staff is taking the afternoon off to go see The Social Network!

We’ve received independent reports that the Facebook staff has essentially rented out the Century Cinemas 16 in Mountain View, California, where upwards of 1,200 staffers will be seeing the film. ● More from:

Why Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg Should Like The Social Network

The movie is about the creation of the social networking site which began in a kid’s college dorm room as The Facebook and has since gone on to become a part of the daily life of billions. More specifically it’s the story of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg who, now 26, is the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. But Zuckerberg and his company aren’t exactly happy with the movie. They wanted changes made to the script before it was produced, and since those didn’t happen, they’re now attempting to ignore the movie in the hope that it will simply go away. They’ve even gone so far as to block The Social Network from advertising on Facebook. ● More from:

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1 William Belle October 11, 2010 at 9:28 am

Saw your comment at Oye Times and thought I’d check out your site. You are a busy man.

Facebook: The enormity of it all. When the lawyer tells Zuckerman to pay the $65 million; it’s not worth a court case and the amount is merely a speeding ticket. Gawd, to realize that $65 million is only “chump change”? Wow.

Thanks, Norm. Enjoying your writings.

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