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Amazon Employee Uses Drone To Capture Awesome Footage Of Space Needle

July 26, 2014

When you fly a drone with a camera past the Space Needle, it turns out you can capture some pretty amazing imagery. On Tuesday, an Amazon employee who was visiting Seattle from out of state flew his d . . . More

An Amazon Employee Flew a Drone a Bit Too Close to Seattle’s Space Needle

July 25, 2014

Police came knocking on an Amazon employee's hotel door on Thursday after he used his drone to capture video of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington, and gave him a "crash course" in Seattle's hist . . . More

Man Kicked Off Flight After Tweeting About ‘Rude’ Gate Agent

July 23, 2014

Complaining about a flight on Twitter has become common practice for frequent travelers, but for one Minneapolis man a tweet did more than get a response from the airline on social media. He was asked . . . More

New Poll Finds American Support For Israel Slipping In Wake Of Military Actions In Gaza

July 21, 2014

Israeli riot police keep watch during clashes that followed a protest against Israel’s military offensive on the Gaza Strip, in the northern city of Nazareth, on July 21, 2014: AHMAD GHARABLI/AF . . . More

Drone Video Of Central Washington Wildfire Destruction

July 20, 2014

Incredible drone video of wildfire destruction:Chelan HD Productions used a drone to capture footage of the Carlton Complex Fire's devastation.(Via KONG) Carlton Pateros Brewster Fire Devastation 2014 . . . More

Before And After Photos Of Luxury Lodge Torched By Washington State Wildfire

July 18, 2014

Fire photo courtesy KXLY-TV BREWSTER, Wash –  A 7,000 square foot community lodge at a luxury resort community near Lake Pateros was burned to the ground in the Carlton Complex fire. Photos show . . . More

Simple TV Update

July 14, 2014

As I mentioned before, over the air I have a very limited number of channels . . . it's because there is one giant Capitol Hill between me and the major Seattle (ABC,CBS,NBC) stations. The towers for . . . More

Seattle Heat Wave

July 12, 2014

Five years ago I paid $580 for this monster . . . looks like it will be in operation for several days this year. . . . More

Next Door

July 11, 2014

. . . More

Simple TV In Action

July 10, 2014

Over the air (OTA) I have a very limited number of channels . . . it's because there is, at least, one giant hill between me and the major stations. The towers for Channel 9, Channel 11, Channel 13, e . . . More

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